CS800 Firmware V2.00.04

A bug was found late yesterday after firmware version S2.00.04_20150916 was posted. While the firmware enables the Monitor function on the CS800, it unfortunately causes the display to go blank for talk group and contact information. A quick repair was sent from the manufacturer, but there are some items to be aware of.

The repair was released with the same version number but a different date. Look for the release under September 18 on our website as firmware S2.00.04_20150918. This fixes the display problem, but unfortunately disables the Monitor function to do so. This is temporary, and a new release that handles both will come out as soon as possible. Do note that keypad programming via the microphone is available in this version.

We apologize in advance for the confusion.

Chris Edwards
Connect Systems Inc.

CSI Team CS800 Firmware Release Guide

CSI Team,

It would be very helpful if you could describe what each Firmware release actually does. It would also help if you gave more detailed install instructions. We seem to be "intuit'ing our way through releases. Maybe assign to someone who isn't so close to the situation and watch them work through your guidance.

New Updates for the CS750 and CS800

The first of the many promised features for the CS750 is now on our website. You now have 2000 Channels and 65536 Contacts.

One word of caution.... The CS750 with 2000 channels was released to us between the version 42 and 44 . There are some improvements in the version 44 that was not put yet in the 2000 channel version.

When you update the CS800, you are going to have to program both the front panel and the main radio. Please follow the directions precisely or you are going to brick the radio. It is possible for us to recover it if you brick it but it may not be easy. If you have any questions please ask before you start making changes. On the positive side I gave significantly more details on how to do things with that upgrade so you should not have too many problems.

Jerry Wanger KK6LFS
Posted by: jwanger@pacbell.net
8/8/2015 5:05 PM

Connect Systems New Website Design

New Website Design

Date Posted: 7-22-2015
We are happy to present our first completely new website in about 20 year. For some of you have used out website before, there are some subtle differences.... 


[CS800DMR] Talkaround Issue

Has anyone else noticed that the talkaround option does not come up in the utilities menu? I have it enabled to show in CPS, but it does not appear on the radio.
Assigning button 3 to "repeat/talkaround" and then pressing it does not toggle talkaround on and off.
If you program a channel with talkaround enabled, you can go back and change it in CPS, but the radio ignores the change when you write it to the radio again. The only fix is to create a new channel. Since you cannot toggle it on and off on the radio, you are stuck.
Posted by: Michael - N1PLH
I went in and looked around and didn't seen an option to turn it on and off either. These are the radio options that fewer people try in the beginning because they just want to get on the air. I am glad that somebody is trying all the different functionalities and discovering the deficiencies. Just like text messaging etc. if the radio has features, then those features should work. Whether folks use them or not. I personally think that those people selected to be beta testers in the future should be indentified now by looking at who is finding the problems. I think that people have been patient and understanding. It's a hassle to keep updating firmware and or sending the radio back and forth. It makes me wonder if the price point is worth the aggravation. I will hang in there but I hope there are lessons learned at the end of the day. If it wasn't for the fact that CSI's staff are so customer service friendly and upfront personal, I may have looked elswhere. But they are trying. 

Connect Systems Firmware upgrade instructions

Connect Systems Firmware upgrade instructions
Connect Systems steps to upgrade to newer versions of Firmware
firmware upgrade instructions For CS750 Steps

I have a CS 750 firmware S1.0026  Bootloader version D1.26 what are the steps to make upgrade to newer versions of Firmware listed On the CS Site. The Files with all thease different versions is confusing to me
I understand the most recent version that ends in .34 is not ready but how do I load Version .32 I have looked at conversations and have not found the answers on Connect Systems site 

This file is on the CSI site.
See if this link gets you to it.

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CS800 Availability

CS800 Availability
On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 2:20 PM,

If you already put your order in for the CS800 mobile radio and we have not been able to contact you call Erin at 818 889 0503 and if you did not already pre-order it but would like to buy one please call same number and ask for Erin or Chris or me to take the order. The price of the radio is $280 and the pair of programming cables is $15. They are in stock at the current time and we expect another 400 over the next 20 days.

Jerry Wanger KK6LFS

[CS750DMR] 1.00.34 Firmware

Date: June 27, 2015 at 11:36:51 AM EDT
[CS750DMR] 1.00.34 Firmware

Based on feedback I would recommend against using the untested version on our website. However we got two more versions and the last version (or was it the one before that) has DTMF generation from the Keypad (about time). We will release it sometime this week after we test it. Within the next two weeks we will release a version with 2000 Channels and 65536 contacts. For most people the untested version on our website worked fine but not everyone.

I am planning on releasing the version with keypad programming at the end of July and a version with user programmable APPS about Mid August..

Jerry Wanger KK6LFS

CS800 Update - External Speaker Modification Procedure

CS800 Update - External Speaker Modification Procedure

We will post something to our website today that shows how to put in the diode. As was mentioned earlier, it does not matter which way you put in the diode. You could also mount the diode external to the CS800 or across the speaker. The problem with this is you might forget in a few years and get another speaker and forget about the diode and burn out the radio after the warranty has expired.

Jerry Wanger KK6LFS

As Jerry mentioned, we have a solution for the external speaker problem and it is being implemented in all new radios being shipped and also those being manufactured. For those who already have a CS800, we will either add the diode for you or send the diode to you for installation. If you want to see what is involved, here is a step by step with photos (sorry, they are not the best pics). I will upload this to the files section also.

Problem trying to load new firmware to CS750

If trying to update firmware to versions 1.00.32 or 1.00.34 follow the instructions in the June 19 note?
*** NOTES:  Upgrades are included for both CS750 and CS800 

SELECT CAREFULLY:   If your CS750 is not on V26, you will need to load the V26 Font data before this update.  Then: Both CS750 and CS800 require new Bootloader to be installed before the firmware.   Bootloader and Upgrade files are both loaded to radio using FlashBurn program.   

Repair of CS800 External Speaker Problem

Connect Systems is going to offer you three options for fixing the external speaker problem:

1. You can send the radio to us and we will pay for shipping both ways. We will get you a FedEx or USPS call tag to send it back to us. WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU IF YOU SEND IT YOURSELF.

2. We will send you a P4KE12CA diode and have you install it yourself. To install the diode you need to take off the top cover and install the diode on top of the Speaker Jack. This is a relatively easy job because it is NOT surface mount. The diodes are a D041 case with leads.

3. You do nothing.

4. At this time this is only a possibility. We will supply a diode on an external device that will plug into the radio and you will then plug your speaker into that external device.

The problem was with our design and we take full responsibility for getting the problem resolved.


Reply-To: CS800DMR@yahoogroups.com
Here is the latest information and our recommendation -

Currently, we request that you DO NOT USE any external speaker of any impedance value with the CS800. We are working on solutions to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

We have been able to recreate the damage to the audio output system while using an external speaker. On careful analysis, Jerry has determined that this problem originates in speakers with a high inductance, and that impedance will play little role. The cause is a voltage spike generated due to high inductance that is reflected back into the system, overpowering the MOSFETs. The spike is generated when a sharp waveform is passed to the speaker, which is possible under both analog and digital reception.